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'Let's do this again some time. Your shark pool or mine?

~ The Girl With The Gold Bikini ~

I received this book as a review copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased oinion. A big thank you goes here to Aus YA Bloggers and Wakefield Press for organising this blog tour!

Whenever I see a girl with a gold bikini, I think of Princess Leia. Here on the Gold Coast, gold bikinis are common, so I think of Princess Leia a lot. Eighteen-year-old Olivia Grace has deferred her law degree and ducked out of her friends' gap-year tour of Asia. Instead, she's fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a private investigator, following in the footsteps of Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars - who taught her everything she knows, including a solid line in quick-quipping repartee, the importance of a handbag full of disguises, and a way of mixing business with inconvenient chemistry. Playing Watson to the Sherlock of her childhood friend, detective agency owner Rosco (once the Han Solo to her Princess Leia), Olivia pursues a routine cheating husband case from the glitzy Gold Coast to Insta-perfect Byron Bay, where she faces yoga wars, dirty whale activism, and a guru who's kind of a creep.

  • Paperback: 264 pages

  • Publisher: Wakefield Press

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1743056877

  • ISBN-13: 978-1743056875

The cover suits the story perfectly with it's summery sunset colours, the beach, and the surfer. In my opinion, it really is the perfect fit.

The author, Lisa Walker, surprised me with a light and easy to read writing style. She's put together a great mix between a serious, detective-like story and a great kind of humour. For me, it's been a very pleasant and highly thrilling reading experience.

I also fell in love with the great characters of the story and have been quickly captivated by the very emotional, though totally amazing, protagonist Olivia and her knee-jerk reactions. I love her to bits and am honestly sad to let her and her thrilling story go.

As I'm living on the Gold Coast, 'The Girl With The Gold Bikini' by Lisa Walker has been an absolute must-read for me. And what can I say? Lisa definitely surprised me in a positive way.

The author convinced me of her talent with outstanding characters, some stunning plot twists, and an amazing kind of humour. I will miss the characters greatly and can absolutely recommend this book to anyone. It's the perfect Summer read!

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